A bathroom renovation involves multiple specialities, and therefore you need a competent contractor who can cater to all these without drilling a hole through your wallet. But, it is not as daunting as it sounds and most contractors do offer turn-key services that address these needs.

Old is gold

The best way to find your reliable bathroom renovator in Melbourne is to set out your requirements clearly on paper. Yes, the good old paper and pen are often more convenient than what the digital world has to offer.  Among its huge advantages are that you can easily circulate between the members of your family, revise it an endless number of times, stick it someplace, so you can scribble things as and when you remember, etc. No, we are not taking away the benefits that the digital world does offer, but then, some of the old ways are still in vogue and functionally more convenient.

So, now you have your needs and expectations listed out and mentally mapped out what your renovated bathroom should look like. Now let us go shopping for your contractor to execute the job.

Choosing your bathroom renovator

Bathroom renovation obviously is not rocket science, and therefore you can expect to find a lot of individuals and agencies offering acceptable services, and in a city like Melbourne, they are there nearly at every street corner. Now, there are at least two types of service providers – one that is wholly organised, is qualified, has all the infrastructure, has a license, complies with all the statutory requirements attendant on the job and has a reputation that is verifiable. The other is possibly one man enterprises, nonetheless experienced in the trade and capable of doing most of the job you have on hand. Choosing a quality bathroom renovator is important.

The Pros and Cons

If you pick an organised service provider, you can expect to have a formal building contract written down with every bit of detail, write the check and relax watching the job being executed. Apparently, you pay top dollars for this type of service.

When you pick the one man enterprise, you are willing to do plenty of leg work yourself, and you have the time to supervise the work, personally ensure that things are happening according to your expectation and be even willing to accept some unpleasant surprises in an odd situation. The time and effort you put into the job are factored in and therefore; you do have a significant saving regarding the cost of the job. But, if you can invest adequate time into researching these smaller enterprises, perhaps you will find people who have put in several years with bigger companies before starting their enterprise. If you can also get some good references about these ‘newbies’, then you have struck the right note.


At the first stage of your research, you can use all the resources offered by the digital world such as renovation text group. Even your local newspaper or the yellow pages are all good sources to provide you with the contact information of several agencies undertaking bathroom renovation in your neighbourhood. But your research effort cannot stop with that unless you are in a tearing hurry to complete the job over the next few hours or days.


Forget your laptop or mobile phone for a while and look around to see if someone in your neighbourhood or your relatives/friends have had a bathroom renovation done in recent times. Speak to them and more preferably visit them to see the outcome. This way, you will load yourself with a world of related information, and after 2 or 3 visits, you would have found your reliable bathroom renovator.


After you have zeroed in on one or more potential contractors to undertake your job, check their credentials and obtain contact information of their past clients. Speak to some of these people and even visit one or two when possible. This is by far the best part of leg work that you can do to ensure quality, reliability and economy. All past clients of a chosen contractor may not have uniform feed backs. But it should not be difficult to take a balanced view from the mix of feedbacks and decide. Also, try to choose the Bathroom remodeler who is local to you, and serve local clients on the priority basis. For example, Concept Bathrooms serve customers based in Northern suburbs. It is easy to search the reputation and background of that company in that area.

Have everything in writing

After you have finally decided on your bathroom renovation contractor, it is time to get all the details of the job discussed and reduced into written form. Remember that a bathroom remodelling involves work in different disciplines like plumbing, tiling, electrical, masonry, painting, and clean up. Check if your contract covers all these functions. In other words, you are better off with a turnkey contract where a single agency handles all aspects of the job. Broadly, this document should cover the following:-

  1. The complete scope of work (nothing is small, every detail is relevant)
  2. Schedule of work
  3. A clause to introduce changes if needed
  4. Schedule of payments
  5. Site plan
  6. List of bought out items with warranties and guarantees where applicable
  7. Close-out procedure
  8. Lien waiver clause (So a subcontractor cannot sue you if he does not receive payment from the primary contractor)
  9. Dispute resolution mechanism
  10. Final cleanup and debris removal

Scrutinize your whole contract to ensure that all material facts are covered, and there are no fine prints are involved. Let everything is stated upfront so that there are no surprises for either side when the job is completed.

Finally, remember that you are about to embark on a renovation job which means the space available to you is inelastic. Therefore, it is essential that you tailor your expectations in tune with the space that is available. Think of an adequate moving area in the bathroom rather than cluttering it with all those things that you dream of. Remember that a good contractor can provide you near perfect images of the finished job even before he commences the job. Such images are of great help in ensuring a perfect match between what you expect and what you get.